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Siscy Blu

Because she contributes highly to the success of your event.

Why do you need an inspirational speaker?



The topic of the 21st century and you are a part of it!
Shape the future Now.
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Digital Mindflow

Make the most of any event with the right host!

Level up with a charismatic professional trained to play the audience like an accordion, coaxing productive, cheerful interactivity and rolling out the red carpet for speakers and panel guests alike.


Christine Astor can lead  lively, generative panel discussions to set the tone, pace and accents at conferences. She cleverly casts a synergistic spell by promoting meaningful and memorable group participation capable of co-creating/engendering serendipitous, value-adding content.

Her expertise is in guiding panel discussions about:

- digitalisation,

- automotive themes,

- futurology,

- ethical and psychological questions around Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation.



In 45 fast-paced, fun minutes from outdated to updated.

This show will ignite neural fireworks to not only excite and delight, but inform and challenge every audience!


With a winsome smile, wink and irresistible stage presence Christine Astor, alias SISCY BLU, skillfully decodes the promises and perils of the latest technological trends.

SISCY BLU, shares a cleverly curated, easily accessible overview of what’s new, true and need-to-know about #digitalisation. With the help of her talking and dancing robot Torbi, she brings a new perspective to the risks and rewards of digitalisation. Together SISCY BLU, and Torbi explore the fascinating and often funny world of Artificial Intelligence.

Anticipate disruption with a Winner’s-Mindset!

We know motivated and enthusiastic employees and partners are the secret to success in any business and now more than ever in the digital age.

"I can help everyone get on board when it comes to digital transformation by opening minds to conceive, believe and receive change as chance."

Why not introduce your team to an uplifting Digital Mindflow experience that will allow them to update, upgrade themselves?

In her transformative talk she can show employees how to/help participants to


  • reframe resistance and frustration and

  • invite a shift that allows

  • greater creativity and cooperation.


Christine Astor is a specialist for inspirational and motivational talks that can unlock and elicit potential and profit.

Über mich

About me.

Christine Astor Redner buchen.jpg

Christine Astor spent 14 years at BMW in the research and development strategy department and a further 5 years as a technology trend scout in their research and innovation department. This background honed her skills to present technological trends, digital transformation and the meaning of it.

As a charming entertainer, she has what it takes to deliver such complex content in a convincing, enjoyable and humorous way.

Digitisation #Future Now
Christine Astor Referent finden
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Denis Christesen,

CEO Partner Tech Europe GmbH

“Christine Astor, in her show Future Now, was a highlight at our conference. She conveyed interesting content as well as the complexity of digitisation in a very entertaining, appealing and humorous way!” 


Hubert Fischer,

Senior IT-PM Audi AG

Her show is very enjoyable! The outfit, the stage presence, the humour and the content is totally convincing and brings a fresh new perspective to digitisation.

Thank you!


Holger Imhof,


“Great Show! Christine Astor is inpiring, her Keynote entertaining and informative!”




M: +49 (0)179 208 34 85

P: +49 8807 94 91 94 1

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